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Relief from ear pressure

About us

Spiggle & Theis Medizintechnik GmbH was founded in 1994 in Dieburg. In 2003, the company relocated to Overath near Cologne. Today, Spiggle & Theis Medizintechnik GmbH operates both nationally and internationally as a manufacturer and distributor of ENT medical products, in close collaboration with experienced retailers specialising in ENT medical technology from over 70 countries. Within Germany, the company leading supplier in the field of ENT surgery.

The company introduced the TubaVent-catheter for Eustachian tube dilatation in 2010. This method is the first causal therapy of chronic Eustachian tube dysfunction worldwide.

Spiggle & Theis Company Building

Are you looking for a local clinic that offers the TubaVent-catheter procedure? Please send us an email, stating your address, including country, town and postcode, to